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Catering Equipment Supplier

Catering equipment is ideal for all home chefs. We have a fantastic Catering Equipment Supplies department which has all the catering equipment that a caterer or home chef needs. We have stock of pots, crockery, utensils, cutlery, table cloths, place mats, urns, and much more.

Catering Equipment

Whether you are a full time caterer or offer catering services as a part time venture, we have the biggest pots you will ever see. The pots are so large that you could cook a meal for party in just one pot. We hope you have a big enough stove for it. Every caterer needs dessert bowls, glasses, plates, spoons, knives and forks for serving the guests at a function. We stock large amounts of crockery and cutlery so that you have consistency in the style of these items. In addition, if you set up a coffee and tea station you’ll need cups and saucers, containers to hold the coffee, tea and sugar, jugs for milk and an urn for hot water. You will find all of these catering supplies at our store.

Catering Décor

For those caterers that supply the décor for the function too, we have table cloths, table runners, decorative vases and other interesting decorative items to create a fun and unique party. We also have stock of a variety of different sized candles in a variety colours. Plus we have a selection of metal and glass candle holder stands to place the candles in. It always looks beautiful when you decorate a venue with candles. You could even be creative with using photo frames to place the menu in on each table or perhaps use the photo frame for the table numbers. At our store you can let your imagination run wild with ideas.

Browse some of our catering supplies range here on our website and request a quote. You are also very welcome to come visit our store. Visit our Facebook page to see more of our catering equipment.

catering equipment

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