Blinds can change the whole feel of your home. In the Blinds department we have a variety of ready-made blinds that have been made to a number of set sizes. It is ideal for those standard sized windows from large to small.

Seasons Home offers a wide range of blinds.

We have a range of contemporary venetian blinds that give your home a sleek and modern appearance. It is both stylish and functional. Due to the design of the window shades you can adjust their position to allow as much or as little light in as possible. To be on trend our venetian blinds come in two slat width options namely 25mm or 50mm.In addition we want your home to be elegant so you have a choice of three materials such as aluminium, wood effect and natural wood. Plus the cord does not lengthen or shorten when you open or close them which makes it safe to use with children around.

We offer the standard size window shades so that you can have a good experience when installing them. It is simple and easy to install so you could do it yourself.  If necessary, you can adjust the length if you have a shorter length window. There are shorter options available that are ideal for kitchen windows.

Every window in your house namely the lounge, bathroom and bedrooms can be fitted with a set of blinds that is suitable for each room. So select the colour that will work best in each of these settings.

Blinds are able to round off each window neatly and elegantly. So with our range you can give your rooms a facelift effortlessly and quickly.

Be sure to check the measurements of your windows so that you can pick up the right size set when you visit our store.

Browse some of our range here on our website and request a quote based on the size you require. You are also very welcome to come visit our store. You can visit our Facebook page for more images on our blinds.


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